Long or short-form Chancery Abstracts

Long or short-form Chancery Abstracts provided by Greater Atlantic are thorough and delivered within two business days. For an additional fee, a judgment review can be included. Contact abstracts@greateratlanticlegal.com or call 609-581-5601.

Status Reports

Greater Atlantic can provide status reports certified by our title officer within two business hours of receipt of your order. The report includes the correct current name of the entity as registered with the State, the formation or authority date, the current status, the name and address of the registered agent and the main business address if available. Registered fictitious names are also included. The names and addresses of officers, directors, or members as reflected on the entity’s most recently filed annual report can be included for a modest additional fee. For more information, visit call 609-581-5601, email commercial@greateratlanticlegal.com